You might have likely heard about cryptocurrency or have some knowledge about it, thanks to its popularity gain in the recent few years. To some people, the word itself seems a bit intimidating and some might feel that the concept is a bit dodgy but certainly, that is not the case. It is a secure and safe way to invest and trade and it would be safe to say that it seems to be the future of day-to-day payments to heavy investing. Today crypto trading apps have made it effortless to track cryptocurrency.

Technology keeps making our lives easier day by day, cryptocurrency is a great example of it as it has completely changed the way of trading and investing. Today some of the biggest trades are being done in the world with cryptocurrency, such as  Lionel Messi signed a two-year contract with Paris St. German(PSG) a lot of the deal was paid in cryptocurrency, in America the Miami heat stadium has been renamed until 2040 with the multi-million cryptocurrency and much more.

 Some basic information about cryptocurrency one should be aware of:


A cryptocurrency is a digital currency that can be sent to anyone from anywhere in the world without the involvement of a third party such as banks. The first cryptocurrency ever created is Bitcoin by an unknown person named Santoshi Nakamoto. All the other cryptocurrencies are called altcoins.

Blockchain technology

A blockchain is a secure ledger where all the transactions are recorded, it uses strong encryption techniques that once a transaction is recorded it is very difficult to change it. Blockchain does constant checks so that the copies of the transactions are same on the all the networks. It is the root of cryptocurrency. Mostly all other cryptocurrencies are based on blockchain technology.


Loosely defined metaverse is a “virtual universe mimicking the real world” where you will be able to do things virtually via headsets or glasses. Looking at the average screentime of a millennial that is 7.3 hrs a day which is expected to increase as we are moving towards metaverse rapidly. The only currency accepted in the metaverse is cryptocurrency. So one would need cryptocurrency to survive in the metaverse.

Types of coins

As of February 2022, there are over 10000 cryptocurrencies in the world and the number is increasing day by day. Some cryptos are little to no following or trading volume whereas some cryptos are very popular thanks to their wide range of investors. Some of the important cryptos are bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Polkadot, Bitcoin cash, Dogecoin Binance coin, Tether, Monero, etc. There are varios crypto exchange apps that will make the buying and selling of cryptos easier for you.

To stay updated with what’s happening in the crypto world, there are various that will provide unbiased and real-time news about the various cryptocurrencies.

These apps provide:

 Setting crypto alert for various coins

Create a portfolio and track it

Get live real-time data

Browse the latest crypto news

Make your watchlist

Cryptocurrency converter

Online advice available from industry experts

All of the above can be available in just a few clicks. These crypto exchange app will make your crypto journey smooth. You will be informed enough to make a wise decision regards to cryptocurrency trading and investing.