People no longer trust the currency markets all across the world, not just in Australia and it has come to the point that your savings may not be safe in your bank anymore. So many banks have now gone under and this would be unheard of in the past. Historically, the bank was the safest place to invest your money, but those times have long gone. Australians are now looking for other ways to protect their investments and hopefully watch their savings grow instead of going in the opposite direction. People need to be proactive now and investing in gold is a very wise financial move.

Inflation is not our friend and as it continues to rise, the value of your money in the bank will fall. Interest rates in Australia are now at an all-time low and it may even come to the point that banks will be charging us money just to keep our money in their banks. Gold is a great way to hedge against the economy and over the last 10 years, the spot price of gold has continued to rise. The beauty of gold is it allows you to be liquid and you can take it to any of the gold buyers in Melbourne and they will happily give you cash for it at the rate on the day.

It is a smart financial move to invest in getting yourself some gold and the following are just some of the benefits that are on offer to those that are smart enough to invest in this precious metal.

  1. It is such a safe asset both as an investment and also as jewellery. What other asset allows you to wear it around your neck or wrist and in times of great uncertainty, it is reassuring to know that what you have on display on your body can also bring you liquidity in the form of cash. Wearing gold gives you a degree of wealth, status and power and it can be shaped into some of the most beautiful jewellery you are ever likely to own.
  1. Having gold beats having cash in the bank hands down and as we move towards a possible global banking crisis, keeping your money in the bank is not the sure thing that it used to be. Also, the financial markets are spooked by the smallest things now including emotions of buyers and sellers and that is a risk that you just shouldn’t have to take when it comes to your future.
  1. Gold is almost as liquid as cash itself and there is no haggling involved when you decide to sell or buy. The prices are set and you know exactly how much you are going to get and how much you will have to part with to get the gold that you require. The prices are published and are available 24 hours a day online and elsewhere. It can be changed quickly to cash by just going into your local gold buyer and selling it there.

For safety, liquidity and the ease of transacting gold, it is a smart purchase and if history has taught us anything, it is that gold is always popular no matter what happens to the markets.